The Vision of Mourning Dove Farm
An Educational Farm for Country Living

We couldn't say it any better than this...

"There should be a special school for the younger ones. Fathers and mothers are to be placed on the land, and parents as well as children are to be given an education.

Promising families are to be brought in and settled upon a piece of ground as large as shall be deemed best.

In connection with the school there should be an experienced carpenter who can teach the fathers and their boys how to build their homes, which are to be neat, convenient, inexpensive buildings.

The mothers should be taught how to prepare food  hygienically, and how to care for the sick."

Ellen G. White - 14 Manuscript Release 215.2 

Is there such a place?

At Mourning Dove Farm, we are certain that Ellen White spoke of a place where families, couples and singles could live "in the country" while learning the skills needed to farm.

We are moving forward in developing that farm learning experience.

Getting Started

I'll never forget what Danny Shelton, of 3ABN Television, said years ago about the time he asked God; "How can I start a television broadcast company with nothing?"

God answered Danny with a question... "What do you have in your hand?" Well Danny had very little. Just enough money to purchase some diesel fuel and dig the footings for their first building... but that's just what he did! And God has been blessing 3ABN ever since! 

ABC's of Education

While agriculture is at the core of our farm program, farming includes much more than just planting and harvesting.

Skills we feel important include:

  • Agriculture
  • Carpentry and Basic Construction
  • Healthful Cooking
  • Food Storage
  • Medical Ministry
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Home Business and Enterprise
  • Welding and Fabrication
  • Equipment Repair and Maintenance
  • Renewable Energy
  • Water Resources
  • Walipini Greenhouse Construction

Short-Term Training

Short-term farming programs range from 1 to 3 months. These will be more focused with specific hands-on farm experience.

The Intern

Whether you are single, a couple or a family, at least one adult in that relationship will serve as an Intern at the Farm for 6 months. 

The Internship is the initial training period and a time to develop your skill and knowledge. If married, the spouse or rest of the family may also be involved in the program, depending on age and circumstances.

The Apprentice

After the 6 month Internship, an application can be made for the 12 month Apprenticeship. This period may be used to start a business and locate country property of your own, which we may be able to help with. You may also be able to share in the Farm profits.

Mourning Dove Farm

80 Acres with Abundant Resources and Possibilities

Mourning Dove Farm has secured a beautiful 80 acre parcel with cultivated crop land, large sections of timber and many sites for training, relaxing and farm staff housing.

Share the Vision, Join the Team

We are looking for key individuals, couples or families who have farm, construction or development skills and are looking for a country living transitional project

All Work and No Play? ..............We Think Not!

The Farm is located in the "4 Corners" area with many recreational activities including camping, biking, snow skiing, river rafting, 4-wheeling, national parks and more.

Join the Adventure!

Drop us a note!

 If you would like explore the possibility of joining us at Mourning Dove Farm or stopping by for a visit, please drop us a note, and we will contact you with more information.

You can also email us at:

Mourning Dove Farm

Mailing Address: PO Box 27, Dove Creek, Colorado 81324

(970) 677-2949

The Farm Adventure is Happening

Sunday - Friday:  We Work, Learn and Play

Sabbath:  We praise God for His many blessings and tender mercies.